Why You Should Use a Business Lawyer

Whether you’re a start-up or a fully-fledged business, it’s important to seek out legal services to prevent issues from arising both now and in the future. These days, legalities affect almost all areas of business operation and decision making. While specific tasks and business operations can be handled without a business lawyer, you can avoid getting into legal issues by consulting with a business lawyers for the following business activities.

Starting a Business

There are several aspects of starting a business where it’s necessary to consult with business lawyers. Start-ups may need lawyers for the following reasons:

  • Navigating through the required paperwork, such as incorporation documents
  • Support with tasks such as reviewing lease agreements, dealing with trademarks, handling possible legal structures, and dealing with business patents
  • Assurance that the start-up has met all legal requirements and obligations

Finding online legal forms or resources for starting a business can be easy. However, most of them are blanket legal documents. You may end up omitting or overlooking specific businesses processes if you rely solely on online documents without seeking guidance from an experienced business lawyer.

Writing Business Contracts

Business contracts need to be valid and enforceable. The sole purpose of these contracts is to ensure that all parties know their obligations so there’s no confusion. Contracts also act as a safeguard in case of any disagreements. While you can draft most contracts on your own, it’s wise to have a business lawyer look over them. A lawyer will check that all documents are legally enforceable and that your rights as a business are protected.

If you aren’t familiar with contract law, it can be easy to omit essential details in a contract. You might also need a lawyer to interpret certain aspects of your contract before you send them to the other party for signing.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are full of legal complexities. For starters, there are many legal forms that need to be filled out and exchanged. A merger or acquisition will also affect investors, shareholders, customers and taxes. For these reasons, handling a merger or an acquisition without a business lawyer is ill-advised. Mergers and acquisitions are complicated in nature, and there are other circumstances that can further compound the legal complexities. For instance, if you’re merging with a company in another country, you’ll be dealing with different jurisdictions. You also need to factor in tax implications. With so much at stake when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, it’s best to let business lawyers handle everything to avoid future complications.

Resolving Business Disputes and Claims

Almost all businesses will encounter business disputes and claim issues at some stage. Some of these issues may include breach of contract, workplace safety issues, discrimination, sexual harassment, sick leave, workers compensation claims and cyber security. A business lawyer can help to create air-tight agreements that will not expose the business to litigation when it comes to these issues. In addition, business lawyers can represent a company in lawsuits or breach of contract issues.

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